Cheap Domain Registration in Sri Lanka

IdeanShape Offers Best Price for Domain Names in Sri Lanka including .LK .COM .NET .ORG. Also we offer affordable hosting solutions for your needs.

Cheap Domain Registration in Srilanka

If you want to learn more on domains and domain registration and how to buy your domain here in Sri Lanka, please read our comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and answers below:

What is a domain name?
A domain name tells people (and the computers they use) how to find your homepage on the Internet. Each domain name is assigned to a numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address by your host provider. Since people remember names better than numbers, the domain name, eg., translates this number into words.

In whose name is the domain registered?
The domain is registered in your name. Simply send us the domain register details.

How long does the process of domain registration take?
Nowadays, domains names can be registred in minutes! However, in general, it takes 12-24 hours after the payment is received for your domain to become accessible worldwide. Sometimes, this can take longer due to the delays in the domain getting propogated worldwide.

Can the domain name become operational sooner than 12 hours?
Yes. The registry has to add your domain name to root servers but nowadays, this is generally activated very fast.

How much does the domain registration cost?
The cost of domain registration is Rs. 1,950/- per year for .com, net, .org, .biz, .info domains. Note: .lk domains cost much more! For .lk domains please contact the Sri Lanka Domain Registry at

How can I pay for my domain or domains?
You can pay through Dialog EzCash , Payza or through a  wire transfer from your bank or you may deposit the money into our bank account. Please contact us for bank details.

Do you host .lk domains?
Yes we do host .lk domains. For more information, please see: lk domain hosting

Can I buy a domain name from you and host my website somewhere else?
We would prefer if you would register the domain and host your site on our server. Please look at our web hosting solutions before you go elsewhere!

I have already registered a domain, can you build/host my website?
Yes, we can build/host your website even if you have registered your domain elsewhere.  Simply change the nameserver details to our nameservers and we will take care of everything.

Can my domain be forwarded (domain forwarding, domain pointing) to another web site which is already active?
Yes, we can point/forward your domain to an active website/web page FREE of charge.

What is FREE domain parking?
Domain parking is where you purchase a domain and leave it on our server FREE of charge until the website is developed and uploaded to the server.  A parked domain can have a message such as “ coming soon…”.

After registering the domain through IdeanShape, can I transfer my domain?
Yes.  Just fax us the details.

Can I have my own email account(s) with my domain? 
Yes.  Learn more about e mail accounts