Growing the digital reach of our clients’ websites and mobile apps through effective SEO (search engine optimisation) and online advertising is critical to achieving revenue, fan engagement, brand, and communication objectives. We offer two key services, which can be bundled together or activated independently, that maximize brand awareness, audience growth and ultimately monetization goals.


The Managed Advertising service provides you with the framework, tools, methodology, support, monitoring, and consulting services required to maximize quality traffic acquisition through paid advertising. We implement optimizations to your existing campaigns and launch new campaigns based on extensive and continuous competitive keyword, ad text, ad creative, and landing page analysis, research, and A/B testing. Our data driven approach to online advertising provides clear cost of conversion and traffic quality metrics for every campaign. We are typically able to achieve at least a 50% reduction in the cost of conversion from online advertising spend within the first 6 months of commencing the service.

Branding Strategy

Brand Activation

IdeanShape’ team of strategists will effectively enhance your brand’s visibility, exposure, and reputation among the leading and relevant platforms through combining proven techniques, insights, and expertise.

Integrated Creative Campaigns

IdeanShape offers innovative marketing campaigns that utilize effective and proven approaches. We develop multi-platform campaigns through integrating various marketing mediums, and leveraging diverse yet relevant avenues to ensure dissemination of your clear and concise message to the right target audience.

Digital Brand Management

How your brand looks, feels and sounds is essential to how people perceive you. We offer effective and intelligent online brand strategies, the basis for a successful online brand communication.

We enable you with strict guidelines related to your online presence, from the domain name conventions till the content and social content guidelines, passing thru user experience guidelines, usage of visuals, colors, fonts, sizes…etc.

Your digital brand guidelines will help your brand maintain a homogeneous look and feel across multiple platforms, whether it is a website, mobile application, micro-site, intranet, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or any other digital platform you are using.

Our digital brand management services include:

  • Online brand assessment
  • Competitive Analysis and benchmarking
  • Brand online listening and monitoring with identification of share of voice